To broaden her knowledge, Amalia took a graphic design course at the Israeli "Technion" in addition to acquiring  layered painting techniques at the "Avni" Institute, from tutor Ilana Bar-David. 


In 1995, honored by The Head of the Cultural Department of the city of Tel-Aviv, Amalia’s exhibition was displayed at the "Amalia Arbel" Gallery. The exhibition was a featured item on national television, reported by Channel 2 News, and received universal acclaim.


Amalia Haas

Amalia Haas’s professional artistic career began at the exceptionally young age of 11, when her paintings were displayed in an exhibition at the distinguished "ZOA" House venue in Tel-Aviv, alongside renowned professional artists. 


Even at that early stage many patrons and critics predicted Amalia would pursue a sterling career in Israel and around the world. 


At the age of 16, Amalia was taken tutelage under Prof. Alexander Paltzur. Simultaneously, she was admitted into "Thelma Yellin" School of Arts and expanded her artistic horizons as protégé of the painter Zvi Tadmor who further illustrated her natural talent and abilities to define and refine perspectives.


Amalia Haas
Presenting King Hussein's Portrait to His Majesty King Abdulla

Jordanian officials visiting the gallery had asked Amalia to come to Jordan and be a part of the “Peace Exhibition” to commemorate the historic Israel-Jordan peace accord, an occasion supposed to be honored by H.M King Hussein of Jordan and H.E Yitzhak Rabin, Prime-Minister of Israel. The event did not take place due to the assassination of Rabin in November 1995.


In 1998, Amalia Haas was invited as a guest of honor to the royal palace in Amman, Jordan, as she presented to King Abdulla a portrait of his father, the late King Hussein, that she had painted shortly after the latter’s demise. Haas was escorted to Jordan by a special delegation of Israeli officials, and her visit was again covered on national Television

Artexpo New York 2005-2006

Amalia’s works, still receiving media and public acclaim, have been displayed in exclusive venues in Israel and internationally, including the famed New York ArtExpo in 2005 and 2006.


Her art has been displayed for over the past years in “Pearl Art Gallery” (Pnina Shel Omanut) in Raanana, Israel, and are on permanent display in a venue of the same name in Tel Aviv. 

Amalia Haas’s art has received wide national and international media attention, and she is featured in many internations domestic and international books such as "Artists of Israel Book".

Some of Amalia's paintings are available on sale at "Tirosh" and "Montifiory" auction houses.

“Art Pearl” (Pnina Shel Omanut) Gallery

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